Mary and Max: Extremely Unique Incredibly Awesome

Mary and Max (Adam Elliot, 2009)

It takes one year for me to finally decide to watch this animation film. Others animation film from Pixar, Disney, and Dreamworks interested me more at that time. Honestly, at first time, the cover of this film didn’t interest me at all. After nothing to left, lucky for me, I just watched this one. Surprisingly, I feel regret. Why didn’t I watch this earlier long time ago? Pixar now gets a great competitor. First time I saw Adam Elliot’s and this is very impressive. This is an animation cinematic accomplishment.

Set in Melbourne 1970, there is an eight year old lonely girl named Mary Daisy Dinkle. She lives with both her distracted parents. Her mother is a drunk, smoker, and thief.  Her father works in a factory as a person who puts the string on teabags. He spends his time more with his collection of dead birds. One day, she chooses a name randomly at the phone book to have friendship with.  Her choice is Max Jerry Horowitz from New York. Just like Mary, he is a lonely 40 year old guy. He is overweight, depressive, and suffering Asperger’s Syndrome. Then, the wonderful friendship is started as Mary sends letter to Max and Max sends his reply. They share about everything, including life, job, even where the baby of their country comes from. They give advice and support for each other to solve any problem in their hard live. As the time passes, their live becomes complicated.

This may be able to compare to Pixar’s Toy Story 3 only, my most favorite animation. What a meaningful animation film. Basically, the plot is very simple, but it’s written pretty well. Trust me, it will touch you emotionally. There are many bittersweet, funny, and awkward moments which are all unforgettable.

Every aspect is created uniquely. The characters seem cliché, but amazingly real. Two main characters will bring you an eternal value not only to educate but also to entertain. The narration is told well and I feel witty to hear that. Salute to Barry Humphries as a narrator.

The animation form looks simple, unique, and beautiful. Yeah, it’s not perfect as Pixar’s, but somehow I just love it. I like every special detail on its animation. It’s kind of very artistic and different.

If you feel boring about animation from Pixar, Disney, or Dreamworks which always deliver a constant stream in story and characters, I really recommend you to watch this extremely unique animation film, Mary and Max. One more thing, just because this is an animation film doesn’t mean this is exclusively for kids. I guess this is not the suitable story for them although there are so many good messages to offer.

P.S: Actually, I had two choices of Australian Film which I would like to review. There are Animal Kingdom and Mary and Max. And I think Mary and Max deserved it more.

P.P.S: Where was “Mary and Max” in Academy Awards list nominee 2010 for best animated film??

P.P.P.S: I really feel curious. Is that true this is based on a true event?

–HW (8.3/10)–

Director: Adam Elliot

Writer: Adam Elliot

Stars (voices): Toni Collette, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Barry Humphries, and Eric Bana.

Run Time: 1 h 30 m

Quote Choice:

Max Jerry Horowitz: Do you have a favorite-sounding word? My top-five are “ointment,” “bumblebee,” “Vladivostok,” “banana,” and “testicle.”

Narrator: Max knew nothing about love. It was as foreign to him as scuba diving.

Max Jerry Horowitz: I have also invented some new words. “Confuzzled”, which is being confused and puzzled at the same time, “snirt”, which is a cross between snow and dirt, and “smushables”, which are squashed groceries you find at the bottom of the bag. I have sent a letter to the Oxford Dictionary people asking them to include my words but I have not heard back.


3 thoughts on “Mary and Max: Extremely Unique Incredibly Awesome

    • Thanks. You had better watch this one soon. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

      -PS: this is your idea to review an animation film. Thanks again.

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