The Billionaire: Exhilarating!

Top Secret: Wai Roon Pun Lan a.k.a The Billionaire (Songyos Sugmakanan, 2011)

Meet Top, a 16 year old young boy who is stubborn, annoyed, selfish, and an online game addict. Maybe there’s nothing special about him. He’s just like another common teenager. But who knows that those are actually his valuable key to reach his successful as young entrepreneurship at age 19 years old. How can exactly Top do that? Figure out Top’s real secret on Top Secret: Wai Roon Pun Lan.

This film is based on real story of Top Ittipat. Who is Top Ittipat? I tell you.

He is a young successful businessman from Thailand. He actually has invented a new product which is dried fruit and seaweed snacks called “Tae Kae Noi” when he was 19 years old. His product now becomes the most popular snack in Thailand. His earn is more than 1 billion baht per year. His company has about 2,500 employees. Now, his product is exported to countries around the world, including Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, United States, Indonesian, South Korea, etc.

So, How can an online game addict reach all of it? Once again, feel his amazing experience in creating something creative and innovative by watching this film.

Basically, I don’t have any familiarity about Thailand film. I’ve watched several which seem promising but not too impressive, for example the famous film action Ong Back and teen comedy romance A Little Thing Called Love. However, this one offers something different, real, and more worth. Trust me.

“Tae Kae Noi” means The Young Entrepreneurship

Every aspect in this film is almost perfect, start from the basic idea, script, direction, plot, and acting. First thing that I always notice when I watch a film is the direction. Well, Unquestionable, Songyos Sugmakanan is a talented director. His direction is effective, but incredibly genius. To be frank, his work reminds me of David Fincher’s The Social Network (2010). Now, I officially will follow his next work

The script is written brilliantly by Nawapol Tumrongrattanarit. I love how they create the plot. It definitely made me curious during two hours of this film. Yeah, the important message is delivered very well and clearly. I love how an education could give some contribution to be a great businessman in this film. It’s not like the story of another great successful businessman that doesn’t emphasize about the importance of education.

Top is always helped by his “uncle” for every effort he tries

I don’t know so much how accurate this film is. However, Pachara Chirathivat gives a flawless performance as Top Ittipat. His acting is sensational. I can’t describe it any longer, but how he acts and enters to the strong and unpredictable character of Top Ittipat is totally interesting.

One more thing, I love the score. It sounds simple, but it feels unique, elegant, and ear catchy. Thanks to the composer, Terdsak Junpan.

Well, I definitely recommend it to all of you, especially for you who are dying to be a successful entrepreneurship. You are not alone, Top was dying too. However look at him right now. His unyielding spirit will inspire and motivate you continuously.

P.S: Until now, I still don’t eat that snack yet. I definitely would like to.

–HW (8.2/10)–

Quote Choice:

Top: “Do not give up whatever happens, if we give up then it’s over.”

Aitthipat Kulapongvanich a.k.a The Real “Top ittipat”


3 thoughts on “The Billionaire: Exhilarating!

    • Hi Bintang. I’m sorry for a late respon. Hmmm..actually I don’t know exactly. It’s my first time listening to Junpan’s score. And I’m not familiar yet with his specialty and trademark. but I guess as long as the score plays during the movie, it is Junpan’s.
      May I know why you ask this? Do you have some other opinion about this score?

      • hello. at first, a friend asked me about this score. he thought it’s one of Explosions in The Sky’s, but it wasn’t. the score was really good. I just want to know so I can download it but actually I haven’t found the link. lol.
        thank you anyway 🙂

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