Kahaani: Best Original Thriller in 2012 So Far

Kahaani a.k.a Story (Sujoy Ghosh, 2012)

Bollywood cinema nowadays gets so much better in every genre. This is one of the rare examples, Kahaani. I can say that Kahaani is best original solid thriller film in 2012 so far. I mean a real original.

In searching of his lost husband, Arnab Bagchi, a seven-month pregnant woman, Vidya Bagchi goes to Kolkata from London. It has been two weeks since his last call. So, she decides to come to Kolkata by herself for searching him. During her hunt, she gets the help of a local policeman Satyoki Sinha (Rana). It’s not easy for them to find him. Everyone they ask always denies having ever met her husband.

Well, of course you don’t expect that I’ll tell you more. I don’t wanna ruin the plot either. Just watch it by yourself. Actually, that synopsis above is only what I knew when I first watched it. Just enjoy it and trust me, you’ll find yourself exciting, curious, gripping, and surprise during the film, especially the climax. It will totally blow you away!

All aspect in this film is unexpected brilliant. An incredible story can be executed in the right director’s hand. What a masterpiece direction! It’s not seen like in Bollywood before. First time I watched Ghosh’s film and it’s kind of unbelievable if it’s just his second film. The script is written brilliantly and full of intriguing that make you keep focus on the edge of your seat until the last shot. It’s truly an intelligence script. The cinematography is marvelous. The detail situation of real Kolkata can be explored well and beautifully.

The only reason I decided to watch it first is no one, but Vidya Balan. What a talented actress. Last time I saw her magnificent performance in Raj Kumar Gupta’s No One Killed Jessica (2011). Her performance now is totally knocked out! She can explore any emotion and expression through her role as a despair pregnant woman terrifically. You had better watch out, Rani Mukherjee!

The supporting casts that I may have never seen them before are impressive. Their characters all are very strong. They can be the power of the film beside Vidya Balan. Parambrata Chattopadhyay (as police offer Satyoki Sinha/Rana), Nawazuddin Siddiqui (as second-in command Intelligence Beaureu), Saswata Chatterjee (as a hired assassin), and the two kids, Biznu and Subroto, are amazing. Saswata Chatterjee is my favorite. His role as Bob Biswas, an ‘innocent’ hitman is a screen stealing performance.

I can’t describe it more. Just watch it with your friends. More brain is better. Keep guessing together what will happen next. Enjoy the sensation of deep curiosity.

Definitely A MUST WATCH!

–HW (8.4/10)–




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